“We pass our customers’ opotimization requests on to es2000.”

Pierre Tambyrajah, Northland Controls Systems, Inc., Newark (USA)


“We pass the optimization requests of our customers on to the product management department of our software service provider es2000. Many of our customers are well-known global players from Silicon Valley, and have branches all over the world. To set up a service call, our staff log into the GSOC (Global Security Operations Center), which is based on the es2000 web helpdesk. From there they can select the required branch office from the worldwide client network and the many affiliates.

Just recently, es2000 product management solved the requirements of one of our customers and improved the search function and filters for selecting a branch.

Customer support doesn’t have any limits for es2000. It goes all the way down to the last end user, even if this is with one of our customers. And that’s why we have had faith in the es2000 team and the “esoffice” trade software ever since 2006.”

About Northland Controls Systems, Inc.

The leading global project management company for the security industry

Northland Control has already successfully completed projects for their globally-oriented clients in more than 50 countries:

* Global command and control centers

* Integrated security systems and analysis for data centers

* Global IP / High Definition Video solutions

* Global enterprise security system rollouts

* Hundreds of project setups simultaneously

* Interaction and communication with all the maket leaders worldwide

As well as the core expertise of project management, the company also offers its customers the following services:

* Planning and implementation of design standards

* Support and maintenance of the global enterprise security systems

* Maintenance and servicing of Managed Services (which carries out the day to day operative work of the in-house Global Security Operations Center)

Customers range from high tech companies to government agencies, hospitals, and manufacturing companies.


Worldwide Headquarters

44150 S. Grimmer Boulevard

Fremont, California 94538 USA

E-Mail: info.usa@northlandcontrols.com