“The es2000 solutions offer a high degree of automation right away with the standard package.”

Thilo Weise, Director of Lipinski Telekom GmbH

“es2000 already has predefined process maps for the typical trade processes in, say, project and service management or the handling of maintenance contracts, which can also be used as guides to optimize existing processes. So, along with the new software, we also got business advice. By adapting our processes to the “esoffice” trade software, we became much more efficient in several areas.

The es2000 solutions offer a high degree of automation right away with the standard package. We now reproduce all our business management processes from end to end in esoffice – including an integrated ticket system. This has resulted in a structured workflow: offers turn into tickets that result in orders, which are passed on to the engineers. Service works in just the same way: Our own service hotline issues tickets for faults, which are passed on to the technicians as orders for processing. After everything has been checked by marketing, the bookkeeping department does the billing.

The software integrates seamlessly with upstream and downstream solutions and reproduces our company processes from A to Z. We were thus able to create administrative processes that are directly triggered by the system – right up to and including dunning.

For forward planning, a press of a button can tell us where most of our clients are located, where most of our turnover is generated, or how much work each of our staff has to do. We can use this information for planning personnel deployment and optimizing resource utilization.

Thanks to es2000, transparency in the company and across the individual branches has clearly improved. The trade software has helped new employees to be able to follow our processes more easily and as a result quickly become productive.”


About Lipinski Telekom GmbH

LIPINSKI TELEKOM is a family business founded more than 60 years ago in Berlin.

From its facilities in Berlin, Hamburg, Kassel, Cologne and Munich (and soon also in Heilbronn), the company projects, sells, installs, and services system solutions for communications and security. Their customers include public authorities, SMEs, and blue-chip companies.

The origins of LIPINSKI TELEKOM are in the company founded by Wilhelm Lipinski in 1949, W. Lipinski KG. Rebranded as LIPINSKI TELEKOM GmbH in 1990, the company’s communications technology sector is a long-term exclusive partner with AVAYA.

LIPINSKI TELEKOM is a certified AVAYA Business Partner with platinum status and has been recognized by AVAYA as a “Partner in Customer Excellence” based on the results of customer polls conducted over the last 12 months. LIPINSKI TELEKOM was awarded the accolade “AVAYA Mid-Market FullStack Partner of the Year” in 2014.

The company mainly uses BOSCH products in its security technology sector.

You can find more information at:  www.lipinski-telekom.de