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We at es2000 Errichter Software GmbH are fully aware of the relevance of data protection to the Internet and see it as our duty to protect your privacy on our websites. es2000 Errichter Software GmbH employs meaningful measures to protect all the data received from our online users from being accessed and used by unauthorized persons. We also subject our security measures to regular checks. We have set out the following guidelines to show how we use the information that we obtain from visitors to our websites:

What information is collected by es2000 Errichter Software GmbH?
Generally, you remain anonymous when you visit the Internet sites of es2000 Errichter Software GmbH to obtain information without giving any personal details. However, we do ask that you give us certain details (such as your name and address), so that we can better understand your reasons for visiting us and inform you about new products that may be of interest to you. Our web server may also register the domain names and e-mail addresses of visitors to our websites. We use this informaiton to determine who visited us and to improve the content of our website.

How does es2000 Errichter Software GmbH protect your personal data?
You may be asked to supply us with sensitive data on the forms that you fill out in order to contact us. Such informaiton includes e-mail addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers. If this is the case, es2000 Errichter Software GmbH will take all commercially viable steps to protect your data. Please be aware that our website includes links to other websites that do not belong to es2000 Errichter Software GmbH. While every care is taken to ensure that links are only made to websites having the same attitude to customer data protection as we do, we cannot assume any responsibilty for the content of such sites or their handling of data protection.

How can you update your personal information?
You can help us ensure that your personal details are correct by informing es2000 Errichter Software GmbH of any changes in your postal address, telephone number or e-mail address. All personal data is handled in strictest confidence. We strictly observe the legal requirements of the federal data protection act and the teremedia services act with regard to the collection, processing and use of the data and particulars. You can at any time withdraw your consent or object to the use, processing or transfer of your data by writing to es2000 Errichter Software GmbH, Otto-Vesper-Straße 6, 49078 Osnabrück, Germany. 

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