Finding and kepping clients

Finding and keeping clients is more important than ever

Even if your marketing, sales and service work together like a well-oiled machine, a motivated team is no longer enough.

  • Is your client always the focal point of your activity?
  • Is CRM a fixed part of every department and client process in your business?
  • Do your employees have access to all the important information about your clients?
  • Can you access orders, invoices and system information whenever you want?
  • Can your staff actively address your clients?

To ensure success, you need a CRM system that covers all areas.
Intelligent CRM needs the right software.
esoffice is the complete CRM solution that links all the client processes together.

CRM can only be successful if it is an active part of every department and client process. That's why we offer more than just one CRM module. Our CRM philosophy is a common thread that runs through every aspect of our complete software solution.

There are lots of professional tools available for you to use:

  • Complete contact history with assigned contact persons
  • Contacts subdivided into clients, potential clients, and business contacts
  • Contact person management with marketing attributes
  • Access to all documents regarding clients, potential clients, business contacts, and personnel
  • Team-capable time planner including synchronization function using MS Outlook
  • Specific group targeted marketing actions from comprehensive selection facilities
  • Activity planning for mailing and other direct marketing actions with follow-ups
  • Individual reporting facilities
  • E-mail transmission from esoffice with synchronization with MS Outlook
  • TAPI interface for fast connections with your clients
  • Integrated financial controlling (e.g. target/actual budget comparison)

Put your clients firmly in the center of your activities, and enjoy the benefits of long-term, successful business relationships. Let us help you do this!



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