Your Evaluations and statistics at a click

To help run your business efficiently and plan ahead, you need to use a wide range of data and information that you have gathered during the course of each year.

You probably get much of this key data in the form of Excel spreadsheets that your staff have put a lot of time and effort into preparing manually.

This is a very widespread practice, and it has an enormous potential for optimization.

  • Do all decision-makers in your company have access to the same up to date figures?
  • Can all your staff access the information they need when they need it?
  • Can you compare reports in your system easily because they all use the same format?

More quality in data evaluation
If you use our reporting solutions, you can answer all of these questions with "yes". Our standardized retrievals harmonize and simplify your reporting system, and ensure that everyone is working with the same figures.

Staff can get at the data that is important to their particular job at any time and without fuss. Individual report generation in each separate department using Excel, Word or other programs is a thing of the past.

Our solutions directly access the central database in esoffice. That way, you can quickly and easily generate the evaluations you need.

Many functions allow for a multidimensional arrangement and include a wide range of ways to present the desired figures and evaluations clearly for your decision-making process.

Some examples:

  • Clear access to esoffice tables or use of your own SQL queries
  • Wizard for linking tables and automatic generation of simple lists
  • Built-in SQL query wizard supports even inexperienced users
  • Presentation of diagrams and charts based on your esoffice data
  • Integration of existing forms in RTF as well as standard image files
  • Display of numerous barcode types
  • Integrated script language for realizing complex tasks
  • Graphical treatment and dashboard view of your key data
  • Subscriptions for sending you the evaluations you want automatically and regularly
  • Automatic key data alarms if defined specifications are not met or are exceeded

 Profit from these many advantages:

  • Consistent data (no contradictory data sets) thanks to a standardized database
  • Improved basis for communication leading to better decision-making
  • Increased check reliability thanks to transparent, standardized evaluations
  • Simple overview thanks to target / actual comparison function
  • Faster accounting and analysis times

Why not decide now to standardize your reporting system!



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