From Professionals for Professionals

The Becker brothers have tremendous industry experience. They have been involved in the software needs of security and telecommunications contractors for over 20 years. The Becker’s are committed to providing a comprehensive software solution for these clients.


“My Moto ‘Be Good’ is often not good enough. That's why I always want to offer you, as clients, something better. You can gauge our software products and services against this standard! My brother Andreas and I have built up our professional software business for you into a software service provider with a comprehensive range of services. That is why our professional software has a proven performance record and our services are acclaimed.”


“One of my principles is ‘The road to success starts with the first step’. First of all, my brother Jürgen invented a simple software program back in 1989 that allowed him to manage a branch of a construction company more effectively. Now, our commercial industry solutions are installed at hundreds of Communications systems dealers and Security system installers.” 



People are most important to us.

Because business is conducted between people.

We honor partnerships.

We meet all the requirements for trustworthy and successful collaboration so a partnership with us makes everyone stronger.

Our company exist to add value for our clients.

You can only get a perfect price to performance ratio with a standard solution that suits the industry. That's why we focus all our energy on the needs of our clients.

Satisfaction is not enough - we want to inspire.

That is why we provide professional advice, excellent service, and solutions that match the requirements of the industry.

We only do what we know how to do.

We can do a lot, but we can't do everything. Of course we still provide support for our clients even if we can't satisfy a particular need. We will either search for a solution ourselves, or recommend a partner who can offer a solution.

Working together goes before efficiency.

We want to still be inspiring our clients in years to come. We can only do that with a strong team that is committed to our clients and to each other. Minor limitations are more than compensated for by fair play and real effort.

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